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Please note the practice is now closed. At the request of former clients the website will remain offering history and a wealth of information on various topics.
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Equine Assisted Services

Clients often seek Equine Assisted Learning services for personal growth. Check out our Leading With Horsepower program for additional information.

person in sunray photoMany clients seek counseling for personal growth. This may involve such things as career or Spiritual development, family of origin work, learning stress management techniques, or looking at relationship patterns. They may want to learn assertiveness training skills or work on eliminating an undesired personality trait. Some people seek therapy to help them achieve a greater degree of balance in their lives, or perhaps they want to build courage to pursue a hobby or recreational activity that they limit themselves from achieving. 

Perhaps they just want to change the manner in which they manifest their goals or learn the principles of abundance and prosperity so that they can change what they bring into their lives. Both traditional therapy techniques and lisun ladder photofe skills coaching can be useful in these circumstances. 

Coaching is a newer technique that utilizes motivational techniques to help clients achieve specific goals. It's somewhat like having a personal trainer for life skills. Just as many people go to the gym without ever hiring a personal trainer, most people go through life without ever seeking therapy for personal growth or hiring a coach. But like at the gym, those people who choose to utilize the services of a personal trainer, or in this case a therapist or a coach,  have the benefit of additional motivation and suggestions to help them reach their goals. 

At Veritas Counseling Center, both traditional therapy and coaching were offered to clients seeking assistance with personal growth.  Clients were also able to engage in Equine Assisted Services when appropriate.



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