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At Veritas Counseling Center, LLC, your privacy is very important to us. We will not release your name or email address or any other information to anyone without your written authorization giving consent. An emailed consent without the proper form or a verbal consent is not sufficient for these purposes. The only exception to confidentiality are those instances required by law to be reported.

We adhere to HIPAA laws, state and federal confidentiality laws, and the ethics of professional organizations to which the therapist belongs. The complete written explanation of confidentiality and all exceptions along with the written HIPAA privacy policy is provided to all clients for their review and agreement during their initial session and written copies are available upon their request.

We do not sell or otherwise disclose our email or telephone lists for any reason. Should you choose to utilize any of the external links within this site, you will then be subject to the privacy policy of any other site you link to. 

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