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Equine Assisted Healing Services for Veterans and Families

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Veteran's Equine Groups

Veterans and familly members find the Equine Assisted groups to be informal and hassle free. There's no proof of service required, no waiting lists, no denials, no cost, and no beauracratic hoops to jump through. These groups offer a safe and healing environment where veterans and their family members can find hope. It's one of those things you have to experience in order to understand.

Signup on the form on this page to get notice by email or call or text the number on the flyer. Thank you for your service and please join us in the arena.

We are honored to have been invited to offer our Equine Assisted Healing Program for veterans and families in cooperation with Horse Lovers Park in Phoenix, Arizona. Equine therapy is being utilized throughout the nation to help veterans cope with and heal from the emotional trauma they have endured. Veterans returning home sometimes struggle with adjustment issues,  grief and loss, PTSD, relationship challenges, and other problems as a result of serving our country. Families of veterans often need help in their own reactions to these problems. We offer monthly equine assisted groups where veterans and their families in Phoenix, Arizona can have an alternative type of healing experience. 

Participants have rated their experience with over 97% excellent satisfaction. The other 3% ratings were still above average. We think you'll agree. Veterans and family members can immediately apply their experiences in the arena to their lives today and have new choices for healing and change. No horse experience is necessary in order to participate. Find more information about these services for veterans on this flyer and call to sign up today.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy was developed by a veteran, Greg Kersten, who understands the potential for having horses help people in healing emotional wounds. Bringing these services to veterans at Horse Lovers Park has been a vision of the park President, Ross Libonati, who is also a veteran. Both the therapist and equine professional are experienced professionals and certified in providing equine assisted psychotherapy and learning services.

If you are a veteran or a family member of a veteran and would like to be on the email list for notice about our ongoing equine therapy services to veterans, you can sign up using this form:




In order to protect the privacy and dignity of veterans, we are not affiliated with any government agency and we choose not to seek out any government or insurance funding. This program is being funded strictly by private donations with the bulk of the seed funds coming from veterans helping veterans. Donations in any amount are appreciated.

Your tax deductible contribution can be made online through paypal to Horse Lovers Park. When donating online, specify in the instructions that you would like your donation to be utilized for the Veteran's program. Checks may be mailed to the Event Coordinator, Horse Lovers Management Corporation, 515 E. Carefree Highway #849, Phoenix, AZ 85085. Please write Veteran's program in the memo on your check. 

On behalf of Horse Lovers Park and the Healing With Horsepower program, we would like to express our appreciation to all of our contributors with special thanks to the following organizations for their generous donations:

Chapter E of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club

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