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Equine Assisted Therapy is often a treatment component in residential programs where people may get help following an intervention.

An intervention is a process where family members or other concerned persons meet as a team with a professional facilitator and share their concerns about a loved one's alcoholism, eating disorder, drug addiction or other addictive or self-destructive behaviors with the goal being getting their loved one into a treatment facility where the person can receive the help they need. It is a loving and caring act to risk intervening in the midst of the disease process to ultimately save the life of a loved one as well as to mend broken relationships and salvage careers or educational paths. At Veritas Counseling Center, LLC both family and executive interventions were offered statewide in Arizona, nationally, and internationally in certain locations.

An intervention is not therapy or treatment, and it's not a confrontation or an attack on an individual. It's not designed to serve as a place where family members all share their feelings and issues. It is, instead, a very focused meeting where specific concerns regarding an addiction or other self-destructive problem can be brought to the attention of the person who is suffering from it so that he/she may choose to get help.

Since alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders and other self-destructive behavior have denial as the primary symptom, the person suffering from it is often unable to see how destructive the disease has become which is why he/she is often unwilling to seek help for it. The person often doesn't even know he/she has it and is more likely to view it as a solution rather than a problem. An intervention is a way of helping the person get treatment rather than standing by helplessly waiting for the addict to reach a bottom that may never occur before it's too late. Interventions can be helpful for both adults and for adolescents who may otherwise be resistive to treatment that they need.

In traditional types of interventions, the identified loved one is surprised by the team of concerned persons who meet in secret for several sessions prior to including their loved one. At Veritas Counseling Center the newer invitational interventions were preferred, whereby the loved one is invited to the team gathering from the beginning and therefore included in resolving the addiction or other problem that affects the entire family or other organizational system. 

This invitational type of intervention is often more successful in the long run as the addict feels a higher degree of choice than in traditional interventions. It involves  various levels of intervention that are utilized based on the addict's response to the initial meeting and the intervention can eventually move into increasing levels of requested cooperation and resulting consequences for not cooperating. This is a gentle approach that, when appropriate, allows the addicts to engage in decision making and choices all along the way that ultimately help them feel more responsibility in their treatment and also in their recovery. In addition, because addiction is a family disease, the entire family system, or other executive organizational team, is involved in the treatment process before, during, and after treatment so as to increase the success of continuing  recovery for the addict following treatment. 

As both a traditional and an ARISE trained interventionist and also previously a family therapist and substance abuse counselor, the former therapist offered individualized intervention packages that included a free initial telephone consultation, and a combination of services such as the intervention, assistance with treatment facility referrals and successful entrance into treatment, six months of follow-up family sessions or team meetings post-treatment, referrals to local 12-Step support groups as appropriate, and travel when needed. 

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