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Weekend Intensive Workshops and Retreats

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is often offered at Weekend Intensives and Retreats and time is split between group therapy indoors, and outside equine assisted psychotherapy with group processing in the arena.







Women's Incest & Sexual Abuse Survivors Retreat - A 4-day Weekend Intensive Workshop & Retreat with Group Therapy & adjunctive Equine Assisted Psychotherapy offered in 2019. Dates TBD. See Details Below.

Weekend Intensive Workshops and Retreats

Occasional Weekend Intensive Workshops and Retreats are offered for specific adult client populations, including codependents, adult children of dysfunctional families, incest/sexual abuse survivors, couples, and clients in recovery from forest photoaddictions or eating disorders. The format is typically intense small group therapy that allows for healing specific issues associated with various unresolved traumas, or with recovery and relationship issues. 

This weekend of intense group psychotherapy, is combined with individual and group exercises to help clients increase stress management skills and deepen their own personal Spirituality and connectedness. This is done  through the use of guided imagery, quiet meditations and exercises that strengthen  their relationship with their Higher Power and with themselves. 

These exercises do not correspond to, nor conflict with, any religious sorts of belief systems, but rather serve to strengthen and heal each individual's existing Spirituality so that they may better utilize the Spiritual tools they already have. The Weekend Intensive Workshops and Retreats are offered at reasonable costs and are typically held out of town at  facilities located near Nationacreek photol Forest land with abundant wildlife and hiking trails.

Due to the intensity of group psychotherapy, and the therapist's strong emphasis on safety in the therapeutic experience, all clients who participate in group therapy in office, as well as all clients that attend the weekend intensives, must first complete a free telephone clinical screening to determine the appropriateness of the group experience to their individual needs. 

The therapist will be offering a 4-day Weekend Intensive Workshop and Retreat for Adult Female Survivors of Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse The dates are to be determined in 2019 with the cost of group therapy, lodging, food, and adjunctive Equine Assisted Psychotherapy being under $1600 for the 4-day weekend experience. Up to $200 off the full price is possible with various early registration discounts. As stated above, all participants must be pre-approved via a free telephone screening prior to registration.

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