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Equine Assisted Services

Monthly equine assisted groups are available for veterans and their family members. Veterans find out more and join us in the arena!


Sexual Abuse Survivors

The therapist periodically offers women's therapy groups for incest and sexual abuse survivors. All clients are expected to also be in individual therapy either here or with an outside primary therapist. Participants are asked to make a 6 month commitment to the group and attend weekly.

Groups last 80-90 minutes meeting weekly. Fees are $60 per week. Those who pay in advance at the beginning of the month receive a 25% discount making the monthly fee $180 for 4 weeks or $225 for 5 weeks.

Before being added to the group, all clients need to complete a free telephone screening session with the therapist to insure that the group is appropriate for them. New clients also need to complete a one time intake session for clinical assessment and treatment planning.

The group is currently closed. If you would like to get notice about openings for this group, please fill out the form below. Note that times for group are determined based on the majority of the members' needs and therapist availability.


Eating Disorders - Coming Soon

Starting soon there will be a weekly outpatient adult eating disorders group that will meet during lunchtime on Mondays at noon.. All participants need to begin with an intake session and are expected to be in ongoing individual therapy either here or with another primary therapist elsewhere.

The group will focus on gentle healthy eating habits, symptom management and relapse prevention. Each participant will be bringing their own lunch and we'll eat during group. Fees will be $45 per week. Clients who pay in advance at the beginning of the month receive a 25% discount making the fee $135 for 4 weeks. Call for additional information.


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