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Equine Assisted Services

Fees for equine services have been established to include the additional cost of a second service provider and ongong expenses of the equine programs.


The fee for the initial psychotherapy session is $130. Following that, fees for individual, couple's, and family therapy are $100 per session. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long. Fees for group therapy are $45 per 50-minute groups and $60 per 80-minute groups. Group clients who pay in advance at the beginning of the month receive a 25% discount. Fees for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy are $200 per session of individual, couple's, and family therapy and $80 per session for group therapy. Fees for seminars, weekend intensives, Equine Assisted Learning, training and consultation vary per event and services provided.  Fees for interventions vary by package of services offered. Please call for additional information.

Payment can be made with cash, check, or credit card. Receipts for potential out of network  partial insurance reimbursement are provided upon request for covered services.  Please read the information below regarding insurance for additional information. No third party billing arrangements are available unless otherwise specified. 


We no longer do any direct billing of insurance companies but we can provide you with insurance receipts that you can send to your insurance company for potential out of network reimbursement. You would need to pay your fees up front each session and any reimbursement you get back is between you and your insurance company. If you will be wanting receipts to submit to your insurance comapny for potential out of network reimbursement, please provide a copy of your insurance card at your first session and let the therapist know so that you can sign an insurance release of information form. These receipts are typically then provided to you monthly or every other month to submit yourself. All potential clients are encouraged to read the following paragraphs for additional information about utilizing insurance benefits.

When clients  choose to use their mental health or substance abuse insurance benefits, there is a certain amount of autonomy as well as privacy and confidentiality that is sacrificed. Insurance companies require a psychiatric diagnosis be assigned to the client and this can be detrimental by establishing a medical record of  a pre-existing condition should the client choose to participate in certain activites that require a medical background check or when switching health plans at a future date. By current law insurance companies should no longer be able to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions or raise rates due to conditions you have sought treatment for. However, there may still be certain limits within your specific plan that utilizing your insurance for mental health or substance abuse treatment may be affected by. The current law regarding health insurance is also under review and possible repeal which could again make pre-existing conditions subject to denail of benefits or insurability. Also, most plans require you to pay your deductible first before benefits can be obtained and some companies have different deductible amounts for mental health coverage beyond your medical coverage. Generally, PPO's currently tend to reimburse you for out of network services at a reduced percentage from that of in network providers. Generally, plans that are HMO's do not provide you reimbursement for out of network services at all.

Usually, the specific insurance company often must assess and agree that the type of treatment (i.e. individual, family, marital, or group, etc.) is medically necessary to treat the diagnosed psychiatric condition of the primary client before benefits are authorized for reimbursement. In addition, most insurance plans, while they may suggest that numerous sessions are covered in a calendar year, they typically only authorize a few sessions at a time for those utilizing in-network providers. In order to obtain authorization for additional sessions, the insurance plans require that the treating therapist provide the insurance company with treatment plans, progress reports, and justification of medical necessity for continuing treatment.

Insurance companies also frequently require referrals to the client's family physician or a psychiatrist for purposes of evaluating the need for psychotropic medication.  While medication can be a necessary and very effective treatment modality in some cases, it is not always necessary and not always the best alternative in other cases.  Clients have a right to know what information is being sent to their insurance companies and what types of treatments are available given their individualized clinical assessment and personal circumstances.

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