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Equine Therapy & Learning

Clients wishing to schedule equine therapy need to call the office.

Due to COVID-19 we are limiting in person sessions and offering telephone sessions to current and ongoing clients. Equine sessions are temporarily unavailable during this time. Group sessions have been cancelled for the month of March and will be reassessed in April. Clients who are sick are asked to please cancel your appointment. Late cancellation fees for this purpose will be waived. We are taking extra steps to sanitize the office as appropriate before and after any in-person contact. This is a scary time for many and we want to make sessions available as possible to clients who are needing them. These policies are being evaluated and appropriately adapted every day and the website may not reflect current practice.

Current and ongoing clients wishing to schedule sessions need to call the office to schedule an appointment. At this time we do not have any available appoitnments for new clients.

To schedule an appointment by telephone, please call the office at (602) 863-3939, and leave a message on the confidential voice mail. The therapist will personally return your call, usually within one hour, and always within one business day except during periods of extended absense out of the office.

To insure a return call when the therapist may not be in the office, please enable your phone to receive a blocked call from a private number. Most cell phones are able to receive private calls.  On a land line, you may do this by pressing *87 on your phone and then after you've received your return call you may re-enable your anonymous call blocking by pressing *77.  Otherwise, your call may not be returned until the therapist returns to the office.

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday through Thursday by appointment only with some evening and early morning times available. Equine sessions in the arena, once available again, are scheduled also by appointment with varying time slots available.


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